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The Festival is an annual event giving opportunities for children and adults to perform in public and competition judged by professional adjudicators.

The Festival is held each year. It has sections for Instrumental and Vocal classes for all ages, and Speech and Drama classes for children.

2024 Hazel Grove Musical Festival

Our Festival is being moved to October annually and will be re - launched in October 2024.
At this stage the format has yet to be finalised but full details will be available on our website when the new syllabus is released in the spring.

2023 Hazel Grove Musical Festival

We enjoyed a wonderful 2023 Hazel Grove Musical Festival and send thanks to all our volunteers, supporters and not forgetting all the competitors who made it happen. The results for this Festival are shown below:

Documents for the 2023 festival are shown below:

2022 Festival Results

2020 Festival Results

2019 Festival and Previous Years Results

Please click here for the results of the 2019 Hazel Grove Musical Festival and Previous Festivals results.

For further information on the Festival, please click here to find out more.

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