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Further information on Hazel Grove Musical Festival

The Festival is an annual event held in February/March each year.
It has sections for Instrumental and Vocal classes for all ages, and Speech and Drama classes for children.

The Festival is held each year to coincide with the Schools’ February half-term holiday week.

The Friday of the first week is in three sections:-


The History of the Festival

The first Hazel Grove Music Festival was organised in 1921 by Mr J Worsley Harrop, a Stockport organist and choirmaster.

It started as a one-day music festival which in the following year extended to a two-day event through the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Mr Harrop died in 1944 and after the Second World War the festival was taken over by his sister, Miss Elsie Harrop. The Festival was extended to three days, still its present format. Speech and Drama was added to the Festival syllabus in 1955.

In 1973 the Festival was under threat of closure for financial reasons, but thanks to a significant fund raising exercise it was able to continue, as it has done until the present time.


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