Privacy Notice

Hazel Grove Musical Festival complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on the 25th May 2018 regarding the way we hold the personal data of individuals to enable the successful presentation and operation of the annual competitive Musical Festival.

This involves the holding of the names, addresses and contact details of our competitors who enter our Festival.  It also holds records of the Festival Officials, Stewards, Sponsors, Friends of the Festival, Supporters, Subscribers and Volunteers.

The annual Festival also relies on the engagement of professional adjudicators and accompanists. The names, addresses and contact details are held by the General Secretary, the relevant Competitors’ Secretaries and other appointed Committee Members whose job descriptions have a responsibility for the holding of personal data.

  1. Any such information is required and held only to enable the staging and production of the annual Festival.


  1. Any such information will be securely held by the Festival and will not be passed on to any third party. In the case of winning competitors, no information will be passed to the media or be used by the Festival for publicity purposes without the express permission of the person concerned.  In the case of a child, the permission of the parent or guardian will be required.


  1. The information held on Competitors’ Entry Forms is held in either electronic or paper format depending on the manner it has been received by the Competitors’ Secretary. Both paper and online entry forms will advise the entrant of the purpose their data is held and how information is being kept.  The Entry Form contains a clearly defined section where the competitor is required to print and sign the form agreeing for this information to be held on the records.  Where a Teacher’s Entry Form is received, it is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that the written permission of the Competitor is obtained and entered in the relevant section of the form.  In the case of a Child Competitor the written permission of the Parent or Guardian is required.


  1. The details of stewards and volunteer helpers is retained by the Chief Steward for the purpose of arranging adequate help being available for the Festival to operate.


  1. The details of Friends of the Festival, Supporters and Sponsors is held by the nominated Secretary.


  1. The records of winners of classes where a Trophy or Shield is awarded, are held in paper format by the Trophy Secretary and will not be disclosed to any third party or media source without the winner’s permission.


  1. All data relevant to individuals who enter, volunteer, sponsor or subscribe to the Festival will be held in a secure manner by the appropriate nominated Secretary.


  1. Where applicable, the responsibility for compliance to GDPR is contained within the relevant Hazel Grove Musical Festival Committee Member’s Job Description.


  1. Hazel Grove Musical Festival Society undertakes to review and amend as necessary, all personal details and information held of all persons associated with the staging of the festival. Any such review is to be undertaken on an annual basis.


  1. Any person associated with the Festival and wishing to know what data the festival holds on their personal details, can submit in writing a “Subject to Access Request” to the General Secretary of the Festival.


  1. The Festival may share details of individual performers if a request by the Local Authority (or other statutory body) is made in compliance of the Child Performance Legislation.


  1. All personal data information held by the Hazel Grove Musical Festival is purely for the express purpose of producing an Annual Festival. Any such information is subject to annual review and will not be divulged to outside parties.


  1. The Hazel Grove Musical Festival website does not use “Cookies” in its operation.


  1. All data held by The Hazel Grove Musical Festival in connection with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is held in a secure and safe environment and will not be shared with third parties without the full permission of the person concerned. The only exception being for the purpose of claiming Gift Aid from HM Revenue and Customs where the Treasurer will hold the person’s declaration; it should be noted that a person’s bank details are never required, retained or disclosed.

June 2024